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Quality Assurance(Accreditations and Licenses)
ITOCHU LOGISTICS Corporation has obtained ISO9001certification, and continues the constant quest to improve its quality assurance and customer satisfaction.
ISO9001:2000 Accredited Departments
Ocean Division No.1

Food-Stuff Business & Project Dept.
Business Sect.No.1
Business Sect.No.2、 Ohi Harbor Warehouse

General Merchandise & Chemical Logistics Dept.
Products & Chemicals Logistics Sect.
General Merchandise Logistics Sect.
Logistics Project Dept.
Sales Sect.No.1
Sales Sect.No.2

Ocean Division No.2

Machinery & Automobile Logistics Dept.
Machinery Logistics Sect.
Automobile Logistics Sect.

Metal, Environment & Plant Logistics Dept.
Metal Logistics Sect.
Environment & Plant Logistics Sect.

Air Division

Tokyo Export Sales Dept.
Sales Sect.No.1
Sales Sect.No.2
Consolidation Sect.

Osaka International Sales Dept.
Air Freight Export Sales Sect.
Air Freight Import Sales Sect.
Sea Freight Sales Sect.

Tokyo Import Sales Dept.
Sales Sect.No.1
Sales Sect.No.2

Internal Logistics Division

Business Warehouse Dept.No.1
Kanto Logistics Center
Kasai Distribution Center
Sagamihara Warehouse

Business Warehouse Dept.No.2
Kansai Distribution Center
Nagoya Office

Hygiene Materials & Functional Products Logistics Dept.
Osaka Sales Sect.

Transportation Logistics Dept.
Transportation & Moving Sect.

Food Retail Logistics Division

Food-Stuff Logistics Dept.
Itabashi Logistics Center
Hannan Sales Sect.

Audit Dept

Corporate Planning Division

Personnel, General Affairs & Legal Dept.
Personnel Sect.
General Affairs & Legal Sect.

Information Systems Dept.
System Sect.

Global Strategy & Business Development Division

Business Development Dept.

KANLOGI Corporation

Narita Airport Business Dept.
Narita Export Customs Clearance
Narita Import Customs Clearance
Narita Export Consolidation Sect.

Nanko Air Business Dept.
Nanko Air Export Sect.

Kansai International Airport Business Dept.
Kanku Import Customs Clearance Sect.
Kanku Export Customs Clearance Sect.

Tokyo Ocean Business Dept.
Tokyo Ocean Business Sect.
Tokyo Ocean Customs Clearance Sect.
Yokohama Business Sect.

Nanko Ocean Business Dept.
Nanko Ocean Business Sect.
Nanko Ocean Customs Clearance Sect.

Kobe Ocean Business Dept.
Kobe Ocean Business Sect.
Kobe Ocean Customs Clearance Sect.
Kobe Work Sect.

ISO9001:2000 Accredited Services
Forwarding and Handling Service for Import/Export Air Cargo;
Cargo Handling/Warehousing; Distribution Processing;
Customs Clearance Service
[ Note: Excluding Standard Clauses : 7.3 Design and development ]

(Inspection registration organization:NIPPON KAIJI KENTEI QUALITY ASSURANCE LTD.)

      Inquiries to: ISO Secretarist
Phone: 03-6230-0565